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One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai Hotel. The resort located in the Capital of luxury. Unique, modern city mixed with Arabic traditional culture. In the middle of paradise, you will find the One & Only Royal Mirage. One & Only resorts is a chain of luxury hotels in the most beautiful and romantic corners of the world.

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai
One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

➤ Basic informations

The One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai is a part of the international chain.

▷Address details: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St, Dubai Marina; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The official website (click)

✦ About One & Only group ✦

Like I mentioned, One & Only resorts are famous 5 stars luxury hotels in breathtaking destinations. Apart from Dubai, hotels are located also in Maldives or Mauritius. 

This small chain stands out from the large, famous, luxury hotel chains like St. Regis, Peninsula or Four Seasons. It is not as famous as the hotels mentioned above, maybe because do not have such a long tradition, but is very unique and sophisticated. This uniqueness means unforgettable, ultra-luxurious experiences for their guests. 

✦ Ultra-luxurious One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai ✦

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai have a view of the Persian Gulf and luxury Marina Dubai. Beautiful 1 km long beach and 26 hectares of beautiful gardens.

This fabulous Arabian complex has three zones:

▷The Palace

▷Arabian Court

▷Residence &Spa

Burj Khalifa and the biggest shopping mall in the World, Dubai Mall are only 20 minutes away from the hotel by car, and 30 minutes from the airport.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and Dubai Mall

✦ Welcome in the One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai ✦

After arrival at the hotel, the staff took care of me immediately! The way guests are greeted is unique. I felt like a princess in the Arabian palace!

Check-in took in the lobby, which looks like a palace lounge, not standing in front of the reception desk, so is a big plus!

The atmosphere was private, without rush, and I felt that the hotel staff was honestly happy to welcome their guests. As a ‘welcome drink’ I got traditional Arabic tea, fruits and dried dates.

I mentioned at the beginning of the ultra-luxury experience.

It was not only food and drinks in elegant interiors but being cared for at the highest level and treated like a true queen! Because it was not only pleasant and helpful hotel staff. These people made me felt special. Is very rare. 

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai
One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

✦ Interiors of One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai ✦

In my opinion, One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai is a perfect mix of rich Arabic style and sophisticated elegance. The interiors are breathtaking but not overwhelmed. 

The hotel is full of fabulous flowers compositions, unique lights, and exotic furniture. Extreme pay attention to details. 

✦ Room ✦

My room was located in The Palace area.

It was a Superior Deluxe Room with a magnificent garden, very close to the beach and pool.

The room was comfortable with a lot of space, a Marble bathroom with a shower and bath. Very high carved king size bed. The big advantage for me was also a lot of big mirrors! 

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai
View from the room, One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

✦ Restaurants and lounges in One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai ✦

The One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai offering exquisite restaurants.

I visited a few and each has its own special atmosphere. 

The Jetty Lounge

Lounge with stunning coastline view and amazing cocktails. I rate it as a modern place. Is a typical space to relax with friends but also for a romantic evening with champagne.

The Jetty Lounge is also a perfect place for watching Dubai’s stunning sunsets! I enjoyed there the first evening in Dubai with a glass of champagne and it was a memorable time! 

➤The Courtyards

Another lounge place in One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai, but with a typical Arabic atmosphere and design.

This was my favourite! I felt the essence of an exotic Arabic country. I sat on the big, elegant pillows, smoking shisha, drinking champagne and admiring the garden and the stars in the sky. Magical place! I notice also more local people rather than in The Jetty Lounge. 

The Courtyard Lounge One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai
The Courtyard Lounge One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

The Beach Bar and Grill 

Restaurant with coastline, and Dubai Marina view.

Space spread over shaded wooden terraces of different heights. If seafood is your favourite food, this is the perfect place for you! Excellent oysters, the best I ever tried! Divine grilled lobster! Add to this splendid wines and sea ​​breeze and you will be in paradise.

Oysters, The Beach Bar & Grill by Mauro Colagreco, Dubai
Oysters, The Beach Bar & Grill by Mauro Colagreco, Dubai


Dinner in Tagine restaurant was very magical. A gastronomic tour of Morocco in impressive interiors. I fell in love with exotic types of furniture and flower decorations like a Christmas tree from roses. 

The light inside the restaurant is beautiful! You can feel like in the fairy tales of One Thousand and One Nights. I tried traditional tagine and it was very tasty. I prefer seafood rather than Moroccan cuisine, but I m glad that I tried one of the traditional Moroccan dishes in this restaurant. 

The floating scent of Moroccan spices, live music and highly qualified staff are the great advantages of the Tagine restaurant.

Tagine Restaurant, Dubai
Tagine Restaurant, Dubai


The restaurant serves also breakfast in a beautiful garden.

I love to drink coffee outside. So in my opinion, this place is perfect to eat breakfast, because of the location. Was very close to my room. The menu is varied and exquisite. I didn’t try the standard Celebrity menu, but I can guess are also tasty, because of three Michelin starred chef, Mauro Colagreco.

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach

✦ Famous Jumeriah Beach ✦

I was fall in love with the beach. Very private and comfortable, 1 km long. For me, the big advantage is the view of Marina Dubai architecture.

Beach is very clean and safe. The space between sun loungers are quite big, and that’s why provides some privacy. Curtain beds are also available on the beach for total privacy. 

The Beach bar works very well on the pool and beach area. Original cocktails, ale snacks. The pool with garden is located next to the beach, long and comfortable to swim in. Perfect place for people who need deep relaxation without a crowd. 

✦ High-level place ✦

Dubai is, in general, an expensive city.

Prices in One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai are high, but everything in the hotel is at the top level, so worth it.

If you want to spend luxury holidays in Dubai, the One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai Hotel will be the perfect place. Dubai offers a lot of luxury accommodation options. You could choose the most famous Atlantis The Palm or Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, but One & Only are incredibly unique.

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai are an intimate hotel, perfect for couples, for a romantic holiday or engagements.

I recommend people who appreciate peace, harmony, and exotic beauty. One & Only in Dubai is a top-class hotel with the best middle east cultural experiences.

➤I described my stay at the hotel from the perspective of a person searching for a rest. But One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai offers many ways to spend time. I will try it when I return to Dubai one day.

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