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How to find your personal style?


Personal style is your business card. Why you should work on your personal style? Because of the way you dress you instantly tell people who you are. Follow this advices, If you decide to develop your personal style.

How to find your personal style?
How to find your personal style?

✦ Ask yoursefl ‘Who I am?‘ ✦

It sounds very easy. But you should start from it.

Describe yourself first.

Who you are?

What do you like?

What is your work?

What is your hobby?

Your personal style should fit your lifestyle, work and preferences. If you are the CEO of an international company, your personal style will be more formal. If you own a yoga school wearing high heels in classes will be a bit ridiculous.

It is just an example, but you have to think about personal style in this way. The dressing is your big power.

✦ Basics ✦

If you start your style journey, and you are not sure what type of style do you like, choose basics!

Maybe your first thought is: ‘What? I want to find my unique style, why do you recommend boring basics?’

You need the right tools, especially at the beginning.

Imagine, that you are artist.

If you want to create an amazing and unique painting, you have to start with basic tools first. You need essential stuff like paints, brushes and canvas. And after you can think abou the original details.

If you start creating your personal style, basics items are your ‘canvas‘. Accessories or patterns will help you elevate your style. 

A strong, high-quality wardrobe foundation is the first step to developing a personal style.

Classic trench coat (for example from Burberry), wool jackets or white shirts are must-haves. You need classic items that can be easily paired together and can work for any event or occasion.

✦ Dressing for your body shape ✦

Find garments that will make you feel confident and will fit your silhouette.

But first, you need to know your body type. Are you hourglass, pear or an apple? You can find many online guidelines or use a personal stylist service.

Get to know more about personal stylist service in this article

‘Personal stylist – why you should use this service?’

✦ Appropriate colors ✦

Your skin tone, eye color and hair are part of your personal style.

You should remember about this. The colors could make you amazing or just the opposite. Knowledge about the power of colors will increase your style as well! As I mentioned, the basics are a good foundation.

The basic colors like black, white, beige and gray could work always. Just choose the rights shades. Gradually you can add other colors and experiment.

If you want to be on a higher level, you can use color analysis. Personal stylists are experts in this service. Is a good investment. If you can’t afford that, get started with Youtube videos or fashion blogs.

✦ Don’t focus on trends ✦

Focus on what you look good in, not what is trendy.

The style has nothing to do with being trendy. Trends are for the masses. It means for everyone. But you shouldn’t be like everyone! Is totally opposite to personal style.

Trends are temporary, and sometimes…ugly. Besides, trends treat every silhouette in the same way. Is good for teens, for fun, but not for elegant and stylish people.

The right clothing can manifest your own internal beauty and makes you unique.

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