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Work from home, how to look elegant in home office?


Work from home and be elegant? 2020 was a strange year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most people have forced to leave offices and work from home. Sounds like a dream! Laying in pajamas in front of the computer all day long! I tell you why is not a good idea. No matter that your home office is just a temporary situation or you always work from home. These tips will help you look elegant and feel better!

Work from home, how to look elegant in home office?
Work from home, how to look elegant in-home office?

✦ Work from home, look fabulous and feel good! ✦

The place where you work influences your productivity.

When you working in bed, your brain gets a clear signal to be lazier, when you will be sitting at the desk. But the clothes how we wear influence our mood as well. If you want to be more effective and productive, you should take care of your appearance at home.

✦ Work from home in high-quality basics garments ✦

Invest in a comfortable, yet elegant high-quality wardrobe.

Investment in basics will elevate your style at the home office but also outside. The high-quality clothes will serve you for many years. If you will back to your regular job in the office, you will find many elegant combinations in a high-quality wardrobe.

Waterfall cardigans, straps silk tops, and soft trousers will be good ideas!

Basics save you in every situation. Choose natural fabrics like:

▷ wool,



▷or cotton. There are very comfortable and elegant at the same time.

If you need more information about the best natural fabrics, you should check the previous article:

‘Natural fabrics you must have in your wardrobe.’

✦ Well-groomed appearance ✦

There are many things to being elegant. Is not only expensive clothing or designer brands. An important part of an elegant look is a well-groomed appearance.

No matter that you work or you have a free day, caring for grooming is a must! If you pretend to be elegant or not, taking care of yourself is a basic thing.

I know that is very easy to spend all day in pyjamas and messy hair if nobody looking. But the point is, that you have to take care of yourself well because you are the most important person in your life! Taking care of yourself is an expression of self-respect and self-care.

If you look are put together, you have more control of your life. When you will skipping grooming treatments, you will stay lazy in every part of your life!

No matter that you work from the office or from home, well-groomed hair and nails are a must! Choose an effortless makeup and hair look that will help you to be at your best every day.

✦ Gym wear only in gym ✦

Gym clothing is for gym or fitness classes. You don’t need to wear these garments during work. Likewise, you shouldn’t wear pyjamas to the office.

The fashion industry, during the pandemic, changed a lot. Brands started launching elegant, comfortable, and cute loungewear. You can very easily find pretty loungewear. 

Dress appropriately for the occasion and circumstances.

This is a feature of elegant people.

Check also the article about ‘How to be elegant?’!

✦ Wear jewelry in your home office ✦

Details like simple but elegant pearl earrings can elevate any loungewear outfit!

Jewellery will help you look elegant and luxurious even in a home office! 

On a @style.ofboss Instagram account, you will find post about things (and also jewelry) that look expensive but are affordable at the same time!

✦ If you work from home, do not wear oversize ✦

Oversized clothes are maybe super comfortable but not elegant.

Because destroy your body shape. Makes your body bigger. But not only oversize items will also make you comfortable. You don’t need to wear very tight items. Just wear what is good for your silhouette, and your look will be always elegant and pretty!

You can start to be elegant every time! I hope my article

‘Level up your style and wardrobe in five ways!’,

will help you in this journey!

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