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How to level up your life?

Ways to start level up your life! Check it!

How to start level up your life? What does it mean to level up in life? If you feel that you have to know the answers to these questions, this article is for you!

How to level up your life?
How to level up your life?
What does it mean to ‘level up your life’?

For me, it means to improve your current situation in a way that you are independent, you feel safe, happy, and fulfilled.

Independently, safely, and happy in the most crucial parts of your life. Mentally, physically, and financially.

Sounds good right? Are you ready for it?

But first, ask yourself if you really want to change your life?

As I mentioned, leveling up will give you many fantastic things. But first, you have to put in a lot of effort. This process could be long, hard, and sometimes painful. Before all these fabulous advantages of level up your life, there is a difficult time ahead of you.

If you are not ready is ok. There is nothing wrong with an average life. Not every person on this planet dream about a luxury lifestyle or an own business. But if you want it, you have to out of your comfort zone. So…

Make a serious decision!

Every journey begins with a decision. If you feel that mediocre life is not for you, decide and set a date from when you start working. Leveling up is a serious challenge, not fun. After all, it’s about your life. Be serious about that.

Level up your life with a plan!

You made a brilliant decision so you have to make a plan to achieve your level up goal.

Sit in a calm place. Take your time and design your dream life.
Start by analyzing your current situation. Think about what you need or want to change. What you have now? Where you can start? What is the most important for you? What you can do it now?

I will give you an example.

My huge complex was my big, crooked nose. Since I was a child. And when I was eight years old I promised myself to change it one day. Eight-year-old me has no idea what leveling up is! But every year I thought about plastic surgery. I collected information and I made a plan. How much money do I need? How long do I have to save for it? Which surgeon should I choose? And much more questions. Deadlines are very important in planning. Each step should be timed. The plan was crucial. Because without planning, I wouldn’t do it. I made my dream came true because I had a plan. When I opened eyes after the surgery I was one of the happiest person in the whole World!

My example was a bit complicated because I planned it for many years. But no matter where are you now, how big are your goals or how is your situation. Just start. Even with baby steps. It is worth changing your life at any time. But be smart and make a plan first.

Take responsibility for your life and don’t ask others for their opinion

You are responsible for your own life. Not your parents, not your partner or your kids. Not other people. Only you. Trust yourself first. Believe in your intuition. If you feel that you want to change and level up your life, you don’t need other’s permission. Your inner voice is more important than other’s opinions.

The best thing ever you can do in your level up journey is not asking others if you should start. You should.

I know that is a big and exciting decision. And maybe you want to share it with family or friends. If you will do it, they can make you feel doubt.
Their opinion comes from their own perspective. They may not understand yours and convince you that changing your appearance or starting a business is not for you. Because it is difficult, because it is risky, etc. It is. But if you want it, do it. And please, believe in yourself, Dear.

Follow your intuition

Your intuition is your biggest power. As I mentioned in the previous point, you should follow it.
Believe it or not, but your body and your mind know exactly what you should do. And intuition always gives you the right signs. Trust it. All these intuitive signs are no coincidence. Your intuition protects you in every second of your life.

When your intuition says that somebody lied to you – he did it. If your mind said that you can do it – you can. If your intuition said that you do not feel good in your current life, you should change it.
Try first making a small decision following your inner voice. The results will surprise you a lot!

Focus on the process

Want to start level up your life? Put all your energy and focus into the process. Work on this till you will be proud. This is the most important project in your whole life. No matter how big your goals are, just start.

I belive you can do it ;)!

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