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Instant glow up


Instant glow up? How to get a glow up fast? Is it possible in one day? Let’s check how you can do it!

➤ How to get a glow up fast? But what is does mean actually?

Glow Up is a transformation.

You can transform your appearance for the better, but your mind as well! Sometimes glow up happened even when you are not planning this. Because of circumstances or big changes in your life.

But if you put in some effort you can be the best version of yourself whenever you want! Maybe do you want to start today?


However, glow up is a process. If you planning full glow up, for instance losing weight or plastic surgery, in these examples there is no quick way. But there are few tips on how to transform some things faster.

✦✦ Glow up in one day? ✦✦

If you need an instant glow up I have good news! It is possible. How?

✦ Body scrub + lotion

Glowy skin? Coffee scrub and lotion! This is the best combo for a healthy skin look.

Coffee scrub will smooth and slightly tighten your skin. Then use a moisturizing lotion with a glow effect. Result? Amazing, shiny skin!

✦ Nails check

Details matters! Check your nails, and take care of them. Soak your feet and give them nice scrub. Trim nails and give them pleasant colors.

✦ Lip care

Dry lips? The best solution is to hydrate them from the inside out, but you don’t have time for it. Use the lips scrub, and add heavy and rich lip balm.

Avoid matte lipstick, even when it matches your makeup. It makes them dry again.

✦ Use a face mask

You won’t reduce wrinkles or acne in one day, but you can add a beautiful and healthy glow to your skin.

The face mask will also minimize puffiness under the eyes and moisturize your skin. If you are preparing for an important meeting, or you want to improve your appearance for yourself, this is a good and fast solution!

If you need more information about glowy skin, check the previous article‘How to glow skin naturally at home?’

✦ Take care of your eyebrows

The best solution is to a visit professional brow bar salon.

But if you can’t do it now, let tweezer and brush it. Don’t make them too thin or too bold. Fit to your face shape. Just make them pretty and well-groomed.

✦ Updo your hair

Messy hair is appropriate in bed or on a beach. If you wearing an updo, your look is extra polished. This is a very simple way to add glow to your appearance.

Why did I tell you about the updo? Because no matter the condition of your hair, you will look gorgeous. I m also guilty of ‘hair experiments’, like most of us. Very often is not possible to fix your hair in one day, so an updo is a good option!

✦ Instant glow up? Full face make up!

Believe it or not, with beautiful makeup women feel confident and empower!

Is nothing wrong with a naked, natural face. But if you need to polish your look, pretty makeup is the fastest option! I don’t mind heavy cakey makeup! The key is that shades and textures have to fit you! And do it with extra attention.

✦ Get a good sleep

Very simple! Is not only about dark, circles under your eyes when you skip sleep.

But is true, you can’t look good when you are tired. Sleep is everything. Makes you glow and be ready for a new day. But also, is a rest for your brain.

You can put all the amazing skincare products on and wear the Chanel dress, but if your mood is grumpy, you can’t shine! Of course, you can feel bad not only because of skipping sleep. But trust me, it will be so hard to smile and be nice to yourself and others when you had not enough sleep.

✦ ✦Instant glow up is possible! ✦ ✦

As you can see, there are few very simple and easy tips for an instant glow up. It could be the first step to bigger changes.

A well-groomed appearance always makes you glow and be beautiful!

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instant glow up
Instant glow up

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