Timeless wardrobe, neutrals color palette


Timeless wardrobe. Learn how to create it in step by step guide! You will find important tips to help you during shopping and reviewing your current wardrobe. Take notes and start your timeless style journey!

✦ STEP ONE ✦ Reviewing your current wardrobe

Go to your wardrobe and see what do you have.

Be honest with yourself. Keep the things that you love to wear, and what fits your current body. Focus on how you look now. When you will lose or gain weight, you will buy some new clothes.

Reviewing is also a good option to declutter your wardrobe. Throw away or sell unnecessary items and gain more space!

If wardrobe reviewing is difficult for you, use the personal stylist service!

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✦ STEP TWO ✦ List of timeless fashion items.

After decluttering your wardrobe is time for new pieces! Before shopping, you need to make a smart list.

I will give you few ideas of stylish and timeless items.

Read the full article, because on down below you will find more useful tips.

✧ List of 11 basic and timeless clothing items ✧

● Black tailored dress with long sleeve

● A White Dress Shirt (silk, linen or a cotton one)

● Black Dress Pants

● Beige trench coat

● High-waisted, classic blue jeans

● Navy blue tailored jacket

● Black turtleneck

● Striped cotton t-shirt

● Black pencil skirt

● V-Neck sweater

● Black, tailored wool coat

✧ List of 9 timeless shoes and accessories ✧

● Black pointed pumps

● All-white sneakers

● Riding Boots

● Ballerinas shoes

● Black, swagger bag

● Pearl earrings

● Flower pattern silk scarf

● Fedora hat

● Gold bracelet watch

✦ STEP THREE ✦ Smart shopping for your timeless wardrobe

You have a basic list of timeless wardrobes so it’s time to go shopping!

You have to plan

▷ where,

▷ when,

▷ and what you want to buy.

You don’t need to spend all day on it. Actually, you even shouldn’t! The point is that wardrobe makeover is an investment.

Don’t rush.

Plan your budget first.

Check what shops are affordable for you now.

Don’t buy a random trench coat or a white shirt. I recommended buying only high-quality items. There are much more expensive but timeless wardrobe will serve you for years.

If you can’t buy everything now, make a plan for how to save money. Wait for the sales. Or find ways to earn more money!

Maybe side business? I created articles that can help you solve this problem!

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✦ You should know this about timeless wardrobe… ✦

➤ High-quality

As I mentioned, is worth investing only in high-quality items. Is not only about how it looks like.

Of course, good quality means perfect details, symmetric, and luxury. But when you wearing high-quality garments, your skin breathes, because of amazing, naturals fabrics.

Quality things are very durable and do not deteriorate for years. One classic and elegant leather handbag is definitely a better option than ten ‘trendy’ bags every year.

➤ Classic and simple forms

A timeless wardrobe means classy and simple. Classic will always be above trends.

Timeless pieces allow you to create multiple looks for every occasion. Is no chance to dress inappropriately or break the dress code rules.

Besides, classy and timeless outfits make you elegant and flattering in an easy way. Is not mean that you always have to be strict. Remember that it depends on you how you look and what you wear.

Classy and simple clothes will help you look amazing. But if you like some trendy pieces, add them!

Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it’s not luxury.” – Coco Chanel

A timeless wardrobe MUST be comfortable.

When you will really understand what style means, you will realize that wearing beautiful but uncomfortable shoes is not make sense.

A timeless wardrobe is an investment for many years. So you can’t wear too tight jeans for ten years just because they’re timeless. Try many pairs and chose the right one. You have to feel in your garments confident and comfortable as well. That’s why I recommended smart shopping and no rush with it.

➤ Neutrals colors palette

A timeless wardrobe is not only garments shapes but also a color palette. Neutrals are luxurious, elegant, and classy.

It is easy to combine them together. And all neutrals are fit together very well! No matter your complexion type, neutrals will be a good option. Because you can find the perfect shades.

Did you know that white has multiple shades?

Timeless wardrobe, neutrals color palette
Timeless wardrobe, neutrals color palette

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