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W New York Times Square Hotel


Do you want to escape to New York City? What do you think about staying in the middle of Manhattan and enjoying The Times Square from your room? Broadways lights, best restaurants, and city energy! Check my The W New York Times Square Hotel overview!

➤ Basic informations

The W New York Times Square Hotel is a part of the Marriott International chain.

▷This amazing hotel height is 177,9 m and has 53 floors!

▷Address details: 1567 Broadway, New York, New York 10036 USA.

The official website (click)

✦ Location ✦

In my opinion, W New York Times Square Hotel has one main advantage. Location!

▷Thirty minutes taxi away from John F. Kennedy International Airport.

▷Conveniently located from major city attractions. Few steps from the Broadway theatres.

▷Walking distance from Central Park, The New York Public Library, and Bryant Park. And of course the most famous shopping street! 5 Avenue.

The Museum of Modern Art or The Empire State Building is just a few minutes away. I visited St. Patric Cathedral and Rockefeller Center twenty minutes after check-in in W New York Times Square Hotel by walk!

The Big Apple never sleeps, so the location is perfect to visit the best restaurants and find some entertainment around. Actually, all places that I visited (eg. Wall Street) were not far away from the hotel.
It is loud there?
Yes, in the middle of Manhattan! But I slept very well, the rooms are quite quiet.

✦ Interiors design ✦

The W New York Times Square Hotel is designed very modernly with a piece of elegance.

Playing with the lights gives a very aesthetic experience. I think the lights are a very important part of the building. Original chandeliers, neons, and even elevator lighting are special. Nothing is accidental there. 

When you walk into the hotel you feel like an aquarium! The ceiling in the entrance is surprising and very unique.

The lobby is full of places to seat and is connected with the bar and living room area. Neons, leather, metal, and wood. This combination is very stylish, modern, and makes you feel relax and intimate.

Shades of gold make all space luxurious. Perfect place for an evening drink with friends or speed dating 😉

W New York Times Square Hotel
W New York Times Square Hotel, Bar & Living Room area

✦ Staff ✦

People in the US are very friendly. The staff in W New York Times Square Hotel was helpful and full of amazing and positive energy! Always with a smile. They took care of me well as a guest. I highly appreciate casual talks. Every one of them had few minutes to talk with me. They asked about my impressions of New York City, my nationality, etc. For me was a huge advantage! I love people with good energy.

I had a problem with taxis. Was very difficult for me to catch it on the street. I imagined that will be like in ‘Sex in the City’ when Carrie takes a cab in few seconds.

I was not a Carrie!

They immediately noticed my issue and they every time asking me if I need help with a taxi.

The W Hotel is huge! They had many guests, and they still remembered my name and my taxi problem. Excellent people!

✦ Room ✦

I slept in the Spectacular Double Room on the 51 floors.

Equipped with a big mini-bar (extra charge), large TV, fridge with water, cosmetics, bathrobes, and slippers. My basic room was not super big, but comfortable.

W New York Times Square Hotel
W New York Times Square Hotel

View – The view was amazing! I felt a big city vibe from my big windows. The windows are not opened, but let’s be clear, is good that they care for guest’s safety.

Bed – I had two double beds, and they were very comfortable. I always pay extra attention to bedsheets. Typical white, but soft. It was not the damask, but quite good cotton.

Desk – a large and long desk with a very comfortable chair.


Interior design – The regular room has not so spectacular designs. It was a bit disappointing for me. Colors, furniture, and paintings could be in the same style as the lobby and living room area. Is not so big disadvantage, is just my opinion as an interior design lover. In general, the room was useful and comfortable.

Shower curtain – The bathroom was only quite clean (not super clean). I had a shower curtain in the bath. I think it is not a good idea in the hotel because it is very hard to keep it clean and without bacterias. 

Bathroom door – The entrance to the bathroom was designed in such a way as to save valuable space. It was a sliding door. They did not guarantee privacy, they let every sound into the room. I know that many hotels have this solution, but for me, it’s a huge disadvantage. The bathroom door should be locked!

The most comfortable and beautiful hotel room I have ever slept in was in Dubai.
Check out the review of the One & Only Royal Mirage hotel!

✦Blue Fin Restaurant✦

Blue Fin Restaurant in W Times Square New York Hotel

A modern seafood restaurant, where Broadway energy meets quiet sophistication. Spanning two floors, our restaurant features a street-level sushi bar, upper-level cocktail bar, and two private dining rooms.

▷I ate hotel breakfast once.

The Blue Fin restaurant has a basic breakfast menu. I chose the salmon bagel, black coffee, and fresh orange juice. The portion was huge. Both the cup of coffee and the glass of juice were big as well. It was my first time in the US, and in general, the sizes of food portions were a big surprise for me. After breakfast, I ate the next meal in the evening ;).

And once again, the staff was very friendly and nice! If you need a fast breakfast, Blue Fin is ok. But the next few days I tried local restaurants in the City. 

▷Before my return flight, I ate quick lunch in Blue Fin. As the description said, this restaurant specializes in seafood and sushi. The sushi set was (again), big 😉 Fresh and tasty, but not the best I ever tried. 

✦ Price ✦

▷Prices for a basic room are around 230-  300$ per night.

Of course, you can find something cheaper in this area, but I recommended W New York Times Square Hotel. This price is quite reasonable for this standard and location. The biggest advantage and main reason why is worth choosing this hotel is the view. Of course, this is only my opinion. 

✦ For who? ✦

W New York Times Square Hotel is the place for:


▷groups of friends,

▷or couples.

I didn’t saw any kid’s entertainment, and for me was a big advantage. I don’t like family-friendly places, and I try to avoid this kind of hotels.

So I fully recommend it for people seeking:


▷fine dining trips,



▷and city exploration.

Location is the big plus.

✦ My overall view ✦ 

In my opinion, the W New York Times Square Hotel deserves a

3.7/5 rating. 

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