How to find your personal style?


Have you found your personal style yet? If not yet, answer these 14 questions and it will help you to define your personal style! You need a piece of paper, a pen, coffee and few minutes to think about yourself. Let’s get started.

1 ✦ How would you describe your personal style right now in 2 words? ✦

No matter you defined your personal style or not yet, you can describe how your daily outfits look like. Do you look casual or fancy? Elegant or sporty? 

For instance, if you like wearing cigarette pants, a white shirt, and loafers you could describe your style as ‘comfortable elegance.’ 

2 ✦ Are you happy with your personal style now or do you want to change something? If you are happy – why? If you want to change, why and what? ✦

Very good question, because our personal style changes as our life. Depends on the circumstances your style can evolve. So this question is good for people who know their personal style and for newbies as well. 

Write down what you like about your personal style and you might have new stylish ideas.

If you need to improve your personal style, make a plan. Take your time, and think about parts you want to change. And why you want to do it? New work or new life chapter? Maybe your style is too casual but you want to be more elegant? 

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3 ✦ Do you prefer being underdressed or overdressed? ✦

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we may feel overdressed or underdressed. Style mistakes are nothing bad, we are just humans not robots. Besides, mistakes could teach us about the dress code. In my opinion, you can never be overdressed. As someone smart said:

‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated.’

Oscar Wilde 

I love to look elegant and a ‘bit too much’ sometimes.  Even at a barbecue party! But I could imagine that not everyone likes to be at the center of attention because of their outfit. Especially when everyone looks the same and only you look different. That could be uncomfortable. That’s why you should choose what option is better for you. If you hate to be underdressed like me, it is a clear sign for you that your personal style is more elegant than casual. 

4 ✦ What message does your current look send? It is compatible with you and with your life? ✦

Another quote. This time from an amazing fashion stylist:

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’

Rachel Zoe

People often form impressions of others very quickly, with only minimal information, which means few seconds after meeting you. The way how you look is sending a non-verbal message to society. Think about this question for a longer and analyze exactly what messages are you sending to the world. Your appearance can help you in life or make you in trouble. 

For example, if you dream about work in the financial industry, your appearance is extremely important. Experience and knowledge are crucial, but a serious company will not hire the person in a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops. Your personal style should be compatible with your personality and values. If this is not, it’s time to consider change. 

You can also ask people around you about it. But remember to ask honest and caring people who will tell you the truth, not judge you or makes you feel bad. Constructive criticism is not the same as insulting you and wanting to hurt you.

5 ✦ What message do you want to send off your style? (*if it the same like on point 4, ignore this question). ✦

If your current style is not compatible with you is time to design it with this question. Imagine your perfect personal style and write it down. Do not limit yourself, please. Maybe you don’t be able to change it overnight, but a clear vision of your style is what you need now. Then, make a plan and take action! 

6 ✦ Is something that you want to change in your appearance? If yes, what is and why? How you can change it? ✦

Personal style is not only clothes. In my opinion is your whole look. I will tell you the secret. If is something you don’t like in your appearance and you can’t accept, you can change it. Without feeling guilty and nobody’s permission. We live only once. So why to not elevate your life and your look? It’s not about changing yourself because you see photos of perfect women on Instagram. It’s about feeling good about yourself. 

You can lose weight if you feel bad about yourself but you can gain weight for the same reason! You can do plastic surgeries if you can’t stand something. If any changes can improve your life do it and don’t feel guilty. It depends on your needs. And as I said, if you love yourself as you are, is incredible and amazing! But on the other hand, don’t feel scared of your needs. You don’t need to live with your imperfections if you hate them. 

It could be big changes like plastic surgeries or size changes, or hairstyle and make-up. Your life up to you. 

7 ✦ What you love the most in your appearance? ✦

Speaking of appearance, there are many amazing things in you. Write it down. Define what you love the most. Do you like your legs? Wear skirts more often! Highlight your strengths with your clothes and accessories!

8 ✦ Is there something you will never want to wear? ✦

Never say never, they said… But I m sure every one of us, has something that never wants to wear. This answer will be useful during shopping. Often what is fashionable is not necessarily what we like. You don’t have to wear every trend to be stylish.

Of course, as we know, fashion taste can also change, so you can change the answer as well. 

9 ✦ What types of garments do you like to wear the most and why? ✦

Personal style means wearing pieces that fit you perfectly and make you feel confident and comfortable. Some items you like so much, some not and that is ok. I know that you can find many lists with must-have wardrobe pieces but you shouldn’t force yourself to wear classic jeans if you prefer dresses and skirts only. Tell yourself also why you love skirts so much, what kind of skirts, fabrics, and colors! 

10 ✦ What clothes do you feel most confident in? ✦

This ties in with the previous point. Confidence is from your head and heart, but your personal style can add more to it! In what clothes do you feel you can do anything? What clothes give you strength? Wear them in important or stressful situations to make you feel more confident and comfortable. 

For example, when you go to a job interview you feel stressed out, that’s normal. Then put on an outfit in which you look nice and professional but feel comfortable in them. Nothing is worse than a new pair of too-tight shoes or a suit that is not fitting well. Your outfit should be ‘the second skin’ that protects you during important moments and not causes additional trouble.

11 ✦ What accessories do you using? ✦

Accessories will elevate any basic outfit. Do you wear earrings or do you prefer rings? Gold or silver jewelry?  What kind of shoes do you like? Maybe some accessory is your ‘signature fashion sign’? 

12 ✦ Do you know what your body type is and what colors suit you? ✦

Personal style is also aware of your figure. That’s why you should know what your body type is. Which colors fit your skin tone. When you going to the shop, you have many types of trousers, dresses, and blouses. When you know your body, you are able to highlight advantages and cover disadvantages. Right clothing (right I mean tailored to you) allows you to look flawless! 

Test some shades, try a few different pair of jeans and see how you look like. You can also use the personal stylist service if you don’t know how to define yourself. 

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13 ✦ Do you have somebody whose style inspires you? If yes, why? ✦

In social media, many people share about their style and fashion sense. Whose style do you like the most? Maybe you are inspired by a few people? Why do you like their style? Try to create similar sets and see how you feel in. 

14 ✦ Do you prefer trends or classics? And why this, not that? ✦ 

Consider your favorite five items in your wardrobe that you wear most often. Are these classic items? Such as a white shirt, wool jacket, or gold earrings? Or maybe you have flamboyant, trendy sets? Tell yourself why you prefer classic rather than trends. Maybe because you like to invest in high-quality timeless pieces? These answers will tell you a lot about your preferences. 

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