Upgrade wardrobe for less


Do you need to upgrade your wardrobe? You don’t have to spend all your savings on it! Read these tips and start leveling up your style!

✦ Be aware and smart always ✦

No matter you doing online shopping or walking throughout the mall, you are always attacked by marketing tips and tricks.

Sales are based on emotions.

So you have to be aware of how you react.

Everybody are guilty of emotional shopping. As the result, your wardrobe is full of garments. But the number of items does not mean that you own an amazing closet. Try to upgrade your wardrobe in a smart way. Think twice before you buy something.

Ask yourself always:
Do I really need this? (or is it just a whim?)
➤Does it fit other garments in my wardrobe?
➤It is something that will really upgrade my style?
➤Is it a high-quality item?
➤When and where I could wear it?

These few simple, but obvious questions will give you extra time to think, and it could protect you from buying what you will regret.

Buy less, choose well.

Buy on the end of seasons

If you plan to upgrade your wardrobe, but on a budget, use seasonal sales! 

You will always find classic and timeless items, regardless of current trends (actually, you should avoid trends as much as you can if you want to upgrade your wardrobe ;))

Buy classic silk dresses at the end of the summertime and keep them for the next season! You can be sure that many of them will be again available around springtime, but prices will be higher.

For example, you can buy an elegant, timeless wool camel coat on a New Years sale. You will save a lot of money! Build your capsule closet during sales and upgrade your wardrobe for less. 

Check more about timeless, capsule wardrobe in this article – ‘HOW TO BUILD A TIMELESS WARDROBE BY STEP BY STEP!

Also, when you will prepare your wardrobe earlier will be no bad surprises in the next season, then you have nothing to wear on a spontaneous beach trip or when it will be a quicker cold outside. So you can go through your wardrobe and put on what you need rather than go to shops under the pressure.

Prepare a sale-list 

Seasonal sales are a great opportunity to buy quality items for less. But before, prepare yourself for it!

Do a wardrobe overview and check what you need to buy. Smart shopping always saves money.
Try to focus on timeless pieces and high quality. It will serve you for many years. You can also visit your favourite shops, try different garments and later buy them on a sale.

Success requires preparations.

✶You can also use the personal stylist service to overview your wardrobe! Read more about this in ‘WARDROBE MAKEOVER WITH A PERSONAL STYLIST.’

Spend more on accessories 

The right accessories will elevate even a basic look. This is the key to being stylish. A classic wardrobe with high-qualities accessories is what you need.

As we talked about before, a pearl necklace can level up every look! If your budget is really small, try to invest first in accessories.

And in this case, is also better – buying less, choosing well. One, simple, classic leather bag will upgrade your wardrobe more rather than ten plastic, fashionable bags from Zara.  

Sign up for stores newsletters

Create a separate account for this and receive emails from stores. Check it regularly and you will find many bargains to buy for less. Newsletters are amazing opportunities to get uniques and limited offers. Especially when you hunting for something special ;). 

Designer resale stores

Resales stores and second hands are some of the best options to shop luxury brands for less. 

Not every designer items are worth buying, but some can definitely elevate your style. If you dream about a Chanel bag or a classic YSL clutch, but you are on a budget, second hand is a good option to upgrade your wardrobe for less.

Vintage jewellery is also unique. Maybe a pearl necklace? It will level up your every look! 


or and enjoy! 

Sell your clothes regularly ✦ 

Do a regular overview and declutter your wardrobe!

Do not throw it away, but sell it. Even small amounts will be helpful in creating a stylish wardrobe.

Besides, a regular wardrobe overview will allow you to master your style and keep only what you look best on you. 

Choose affordably but a high-quality stores 

It is required from your research but it is worth it!

Even regular stores from time to time have special, premium quality collections (eg. wool, silk pieces etc.). There are less expensive than in designers boutiques but not bad. Often cost similar to trendy polyester dresses from Zara or Mango.

Natural, quality fabrics upgrade your wardrobe but also give your skin the pleasure of wearing. But high quality is not only about fabrics. Pay attention to details like sews, zippers or buttons.

The devil’s in the detail. 

The capsule is all you need

You read this many times in this article but is essential.

No matter how much money you have, you don’t need thousands of items to upgrade your wardrobe. Every stylish person knows exactly that is better (and easier) to create a great look when you have a few amazing pieces rather than tones of worthless garments that do not fit together.

Don’t spend 80$ on H&M for two fancy polyester blouses, when you can find one nude viscose shirt. With this one classy thing, you could create multiple looks.

Someone smart said, that with good basics, you have endless options. 

Fix & upcycle clothes

Nothing is eternal. Items can be destroyed or damaged, which is a part of using. If you are on a budget it will be cheaper (and more sustainable as well) to fix it rather than throwing it away.

You don’t need to do it by yourself, use special services and enjoy your favourite garments longer! 

Upcycle your clothes would be a great option as well! If you scorch a dress while ironing it, you can cut it and make a blouse. There are many ideas!

Just use your creativity!

No rush ✦ 

Upgrading your wardrobe for less is a process.

If you are on a budget, you are not able to buy all things in one day.  Preparations, research and completing step by step takes time. No rush. Your style also evolves through the years. So enjoy the process!

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Upgrade wardrobe for less
Upgrade wardrobe for less

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