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 Where to meet successful people?

Your social circle is an essential part of your life. Not only because we are social creatures by nature and we need to interact with other people. Your relations have an impact on your life. So maybe it’s a time to meet successful people and surround yourself with them.

Do I have to meet successful people and leave my old friends and family?

Of course not! Honest relationships with genuine people who you can trust are priceless. But be open to new people as well. New relations can inspire you and help you level up as well. New people are possibilities for a new opportunities. You can find friends who also want to have their own business. Maybe you will meet mentors or even investors!
There are a few places where you can meet successful people!

Hotel lobbies and restaurants

Hotels are fantastic places with international energy! You can meet foreigners there, and practise your language skills!
You can work with your laptop in the lobby, hotel bar or restaurant. Many people around you will do the same, so it is the best occasion for networking!

Where to meet successful people?
Where to meet successful people? In the Hotel Lobby!

Co-working spaces

The Co-working spaces are cool and stylish now! There you can meet successful people! All of them go to co-working spaces to manage their tasks. But during a coffee or lunch break, you can easily meet someone. Just ask someone: ‚What are you working on now?’. People who are passionate about their career love to talk about it!

Do you want to meet successful people? Go to Premium Gym!

Do you want to meet successful people? Go to the premium gym! You will use your time very productive because you will complete your training and do some networking. You don’t need to buy a membership right away. Use some free trial (most luxury gyms have this option), and you will look around then.
Premium gyms and fitness clubs are more comfortable, not crowded, and have better equipment than regular gyms.


Auction houses

Auction houses are places that facilitate the buying and selling of assets, such as works of art and collectables. The auction events are phenomenal networking opportunities. You can start a conversation about the subject of the auction. People who are interested in buying assets know how to invest money, and they know the market. It’s always good to know such people.

Business conferences it is fantastic place to meet successful people

One of the purposes of business conferences is networking. Ticket for this kind of event buys people who have their own business or have a successful corporate career. But many people are interested in investing, self-development and new opportunities.
It is a quality environment for meeting successful people and feeling great energy.

Art Gallery Shows

Visiting art galleries for inspiration is good, but the best opportunity for successful networking is through art events and special shows. Opening new galleries, launching new collections and exhibitions or charity events should be in your interest. Follow current events and calendars and you don’t miss out on exciting opportunities.

Corporate and financial spaces

Business areas in the cities or sky drapers are great places to meet successful people. Go to restaurants or cafes around lunchtime, and you will find people who can connect with.


Frequent travellers tell you that airport is one of the best places to meet some people. For a casual chat or exchanging business cards – you can use airport space for networking.
This activity requires plane tickets, but it is always worth trying to meet someone when you travel. The airport business lounges are phenomenal options. You don’t need to buy business class tickets (if you have one, you can go there for free). But you can go there with one-time access and enjoy the ‚high-level waiting’. Business lounges are full of successful people. Also, you can rest there, eat some snacks or drink champagne.

Additional Courses and Seminars

By buying specific courses or seminars you can meet people with the same interest as you have. It means they have a similar mindset as well. You can make fantastic connections with people who are in some way – similar to you.

Hotel Spa and Wellness

Again we are back in hotels. Lobbies and restaurants are excellent for daytime networking. Hotels Spa and wellness areas are perfect for an evening. After a long working days people like to use a pool or saunas. There is also an opportunity for small talks and networking. Mostly you can buy one-time access if you are not a hotel guest.
Hotel Spas are less crowded than public pools and more elegant.

Meet successful people online!

Last but not least. Social media (LinkedIn or Instagram) are full of interesting people. If you don’t have the capabilities to visit the places I list above, you can meet successful people online. People giving valuable content with advice or tips. They offering a paid mentoring or courses as well.
You can create relationships online with like-minded people and meeting them in real life later (remember about your safe)!
Even watching and consuming content of successful people can motivate you and inspire you to level up your life!

*disclaimersome of the ideas in this post require a money investment (tickets or paid access to some places). But you can meet successful people everywhere because every person has their own definition of ‚success’.

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