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How to be elegant?


How to be elegant? It is difficult or not? What are the habits of highly elegant people? Elegance is not only how you look, but how you behave as well. You can’t look elegant and behave with no manners at the same time, because it looks ridiculous and fake. Check on some tips down below how to become a more elegant and sophisticated person!

How to be elegant?
How to look and behave elegant?

✦ Highly elegant people know the power of appearance and they care about it ✦

They always pay extra attention to their shoes.

Is doesn’t matter how much did you spend on your shoes and which brand it is. The main rule you have to follow is to always wear clean and tidy shoes. Always!

Be sure to repair your shoes and clean them regularly.

Carry wet wipes and shoe polish with you. This will allow you to keep them in good condition even during rainy days.

✦ Take care of your posture! ✦

Poor posture makes you look older and is definitely not elegant.

Apart from elegance, poor posture is bad for your health as well. Taking care of your posture means you have to be aware of bad habits. And change this.

Start to bring your attention to your posture as you are sitting, standing, or lying down. It will pay off you in the future.

✦ The polished look allows you to be always elegant! ✦

No matter you wear a cocktail dress or loungewear, the well-grooming look is a must if you want to become an elegant person. You have to pay extra attention to this and do this regularly.

Take care of your pleasant smile, and oral health as well. Don’t skip dentist appointments. A beautiful smile is primarily healthy teeth.

A pretty manicure is your best friend. Remember, less is more. Take care of your diet and get hydrated as well. Then your skin and hair will be natural shiny and pretty. There are details, but very important.

✦ Find a signature style ✦

Being elegant is not about being trendy.

If you are a fashion lover, following new trends is nothing wrong. But highly elegant people prefer their own, signature style, rather than wearing trends.

There are many kinds of elegance! You can choose what you want, what is best resonate with you. If you have a signature style it means that you have created a memorable image of yourself.

✦ Invest in quality ✦

Natural fabrics, leather accessories and shoes and high-quality jewellery will be the best investment.

But not only a high-quality wardrobe will be useful in an elegant journey. Quality health and beauty treatments as well. Don’t forget about quality books and education. This all thing will make you an elegant person.

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✦ Dress code is your best friend ✦

Dress code rules are very useful in life. Knowing the dress code rules protects you from style faux pas.

✦ Basic etiquette rules on your daily basis✦

As I mentioned in the first paragraphs, being elegant is not only how you wear, but how you behave as well.

Politeness, kindness and following etiquette rules make you an elegant and charming person. Nowadays is very rare. Be unique!

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