Personal stylist services. Why you should use personal stylist services? Why do you need a personal stylist? It is worth hiring a personal stylist? The answers you will find in this article! 

✦ What is the personal styling? ✦

Personal styling can help elevate your style and save time. 

A personal stylist job is to make your life easier and much more stylish!

The personal stylist service can help you change or level up your image. The stylist has specialized knowledge about dress code rules, silhouettes, or colors to dress you up for every occasion!

Personal stylist service can show you how to highlight your advantages and how to hide the disadvantages.

✦ Elevate your style and personal brand ✦

Your personal image is your business card.

Is a strong part of a personal brand as well. Use personal stylist service to design your style compatibility with your life. Especially when your business or work is promoted by your personal brand.  

When you need a personal stylist service?

➤ Life changes (new work, back to work, starting a business, divorce, body changes, etc.)

➤ You are not sure what is your silhouette, and color type

➤ To create a signature style

➤ You feel that you need a metamorphose

➤ Your style is too basic and you need to level up your personal style

➤ To declutter your style and wardrobe

Your benefits of cooperation with a personal stylist

Changing or improvement of your image with a professional stylist will give you a lot of self-confidence! Dress code rules will be no issue for you anymore, your personal stylist will choose every outfit for you! You will be stopped nervous and stressed about your wardrobe and image.

Budget and a good plan

Cooperation with a personal stylist will also save time and money because shopping will be with a good plan and budget. Your stylist will create for you special outfits for every occasion, even with old clothes from your wardrobe. However, your new clothes will be better quality, because professional stylist has a big knowledge of the best fabrics and materials. After consultations with your personal stylist, your fashion and image choices will be much better! You will never buy anything that is not fit for your body shape or color type. The most important thing is that with the stylist you will discover your unique personal style.

What does the first meeting with a personal stylist look like?

The first meeting with is talking about you. What you like, what you need, what is your issues, and what you want to improve or change.

Always when I have a meeting with clients I ask a lot. About lifestyle or work and hobbies. The answers can give me information on preparing the best strategy. It is helpful to make a good plan for your perfect image. I never force anything, it must be a good experience for you! Consequently, I always make sure that during cooperation with me and with my advice, clients can find own style and also enjoy the process. Ultimately they decide.

What are my rules when being a personal stylist?

It is the first and the most important rule for me. Being a personal stylist is mean that I have a lot of meetings during the day. So punctuality is crucial. Besides, punctuality is also part of a personal image, so I always try to be on time at every meeting. 🙂 Punctuality is respect for other people.

Individual approach to each client

Each person is unique and has different needs. In my opinion, every stylist must respect this. All strategies must fit to you. To your body shape, color type, and life. And of course for your personality!


Don’t worry, I m a professional and I always respect when somebody asks me about discretion. If you want, our cooperation will be in secret. The comfort and satisfaction of my clients is high on the list of my priorities.


At the beginning of our cooperation, we will be talking about the budget. It is very important. You will decide how much money you want to spend on new clothes, hairdresser e.t.c. I will give you advice but the last word is yours. Don’t worry, cooperation with a stylist is not only trips to expensive boutiques and luxury brands. If your budget is not so big is no problem. Not only famous brands have good quality clothes.


During our cooperation and after, you can stay in touch with me. Any questions or doubts you have – let me know! I will try to help you as I can 🙂

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