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What to wear to a job interview? It is a very important and also stressful meeting. When you meet a potential employer you want to be the best version of yourself. So, what to wear to a job interview and get a dream job?

The potential employer or recruiter has the first contact with you when seeing your résumé. When your Curriculum vitae fit the company, you will get an invitation for an interview.

Then you need to prepare yourself for the meeting. The first impression is crucial so your outfit is a very important thing. So what to wear to a job interview?

✦ What does the dress code say about the job interview? ✦

The dress code does not give one concept for a perfect job interview outfit. But, there are some rules.

✦ What to wear to a job interview? What is inappropriate?

Do not wear:

➤shorts (even chino type),



➤flashy designs on the fabric,

➤very short dresses or skirts,

➤deep cleavages,


Each industry has its own rules but it doesn’t matter that is a law firm or grocery shop, the aforementioned items are unacceptable during the job interview!

✦ 5 Basic rules to look good ✦

1. Well-groomed apperance.

This is the most basic rule. A well-groomed appearance is a must. This is the most obvious, but unfortunately sometimes forgotten. Take care of a pretty hairstyle and classic manicure. Non-ironed clothes never guarantee success, and dirty shoes disqualify you from the start.

2. What to wear to a job interview? Classic and timeless clothing!

According to the universal rules of the dress code, it is worth choosing timeless and elegant clothes. A high-quality white button-down shirt and cigarette trousers are a professional but comfortable look. One of the most classy and safe options for a job interview.

3. Modesty.

An elegant but modest outfit will be perfect for the job interview.

Modesty doesn’t mean that you have to look like a nun.

For example, delicate accessories, in the form of pearl earrings or a watch, are simple, stylish and in good taste.

Choose neutral and classic colors such as navy blue (which is one of the primary business colors), white or beige. Don’t wear flashy designs, large jewellery or very high heels.

4. Adapted your job interview outfit to the season and weather.

Strong wind, heavy rain or terrible heat. The weather can ruin your look. You should be prepared for extreme situations.

Although it’s theoretically warm in the spring-summer season, it’s always worth having an umbrella with you. Global warming causes sudden weather changes and you need to be aware of it. Walking a few steps without an umbrella in the rain can ruin your appearance. Rain and snow can kill your shoes. The mud, water, and salt can destroy them. Certainly, always carry the wet wipes and shoe polish with you.

Strong wind can destroy hairstyles. The best and elegant option is a simple updo. For example a low bun or ponytail.

I highly recommend wearing trousers instead of a skirt in the fall-winter season. It will be a more warm and comfortable option, but still elegant.

Not only rain is problematic. Try to be prepared for the heat as well. To avoid intensely sweating remember to choose the right fabrics. 

Clothes made of polyester or acrylic, cause an unpleasant smell and unethical stains on the fabrics. It is worth investing in shirts or blouses made of cotton or silk. Natural fabrics allow the body to ‘breathe’.

If you need to create your perfect, good-quality wardrobe, the previous article could be helpful for you!

Check it‘Good-quality wardrobe! 4 things to invest in.’.

Linen is a very good option for summer, but I m not recommended linen shirts for a job interview. It is very easy to wrinkle.

5. Covered body

Feet should be absolutely covered in a job interview! Even in the summertime.

You don’t have to wear covered shoes for all hot day! Change sandals before your job interview.

You should also cover the neckline and shoulders. If you wearing a skirt, your knees as well. The job interview is a formal meeting so your look has to be appropriate and professional.

✦ Fit your job interview outfit to the industry/company ✦

Before the job interview try to find information about the company’s dress code. If you can’t find it, get to know about the industry.

For example,

the financial industry has a very formal dress code. This information can help you to choose the right outfit. If you go inadequately dressed for a job interview at the bank, you’ll lose some points from the beginning.

The law firms also have rigid dress rules. It allows maintaining the image of professionals. Although, the outfit does not directly affect knowledge and competence, but they would not be taken seriously wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts at work. The outfit is an inseparable and important part of a personal image.

If you want to create your professional personal image, you should try a personal stylist service! Check the previous article about this ‘Why you should use personal stylist service?’.

➤ On the other hand, the creative industry also has its own dress code rules. Is less formal. For instance, coming to a job interview in a rigid suit may be unwelcome.

But, this is not a common situation, is an exception. That’s why is very important to check the dress code before visit the company for a job interview.

However, even if the industry does not require very formal dress code rules, this does not mean that no rules apply either. Even in this case, wearing sandals or too deep cleavage is unacceptable!

‘Smart casual’ is always a safe option if you don’t know what to wear to a job interview.

✦ Adjust your outfit to the position you apply for ✦

If you’re going to a job interview for a management position, your outfit should be elegant and in accordance with the dress code rules. Even if it is a creative industry. 

Your appearance is your business card. People will be a judge you because of your look.

✦ How to create appropriate outfit for a job interview?

➤Perfect base

The button-down shirt is a good base. Is timeless, classy and simple at the same time. Also, it is possible to adjust the depth of the cleavage. The cotton will provide a stiffer form for the shirt, but also viscose and silk shirts will be ok to have a more soft form.

Appropriate colors are:


navy blue,

light blue

or light pink.

➤ Trousers or skirt?

The skirt will be more elegant and feminine.

The best model is a classic, high-waisted pencil skirt. Choose wool, viscose or thick cotton. In black, grey or navy blue.

Elegant, trousers are also a good idea, especially in the fall-winter season.

The best choices are cotton, wool, or thicker viscose. It may not be too tight, like skinny jeans, but also not too loose.

The cigarette pants will be great for all body shapes. For plus size women, cigarette trousers with a slightly higher state are recommended. Black or navy blue. The shirt should be tucked into trousers.

➤ The jacket

The jacket will give a more formal character.single-breasted jacket with two buttons is the most classic and universal model. Viscose or wool. A double-breasted jacket is more stylish and chic. Also, it can give a ‘power dressing’ vibes.

➤ Accessories and make up

In this case, less is more.

Simple, minimalistic makeup in neutral shades will highlight your natural beauty.

Wear discreet jewellery, e.g. with zircons and a delicate neck chain. A classic watch on a bracelet or leather strap also goes well with an outfit for a job interview. Wearing a belt (if you do not need to hold your pants) and scarf, are unnecessary in this situation.

Choose the classic model leather bag, e.g. a trunk or swagger. In black or dark brown. Preferably in A4 format. It will accommodate all necessary documents, e.g. work certificate, portfolio or references, as well as e.g. shoes for a change.

Tights are always a difficult topic. Thin tights look best, maximum 20 DEN. In the wintertime, it is better to wear trousers rather than very thick tights. The rules of savoir-vivre and dress code require that even in summer tights is a must. I am not a fan of nude tights, but I would not dare go to a job interview without it. It could be a faux pas.


The black or beige heels (max 8 cm), loafers or elegant ballerinas should work the best. In wintertime, it is not such a simple matter, but let’s not be fanatical either. None should walk on snow in pumps or moccasins. Simple boots will be a great choice, as well.

The most important rule: shoes should be not only elegant but also well-groomed. Clean and repaired shoes are essential. 

Good luck with your future job interviews!

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