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Confident person


Find out exactly what are the qualities of a confident person? Check what you can do to be a confident person. Remember that is a process, is not happen overnight. But anytime you can start work on yourself and improve your life. 

➤What the confidence is?

A confident person accepts and trusts themselves. He respects and values himself. Knows strengths and weaknesses well. Sets own expectations and goals. Are assertive. And are responsible for his life.

✦Positive self-talk✦

The way you talk to yourself and think about yourself shows whether you are confident or not. Confident people don’t practice negative self-talk, because they know exactly the bad consequences of this. 

If you sabotaging yourself, how you will be allowed to do anything? 


‘I am too stupid, to do it.’

If you say to yourself that you are stupid, and you can’t do it, is actually true. Your mind and body get a clear message and this one thought appears in reality. If even you, the most important person in your life, don’t believe that you are able to do something, how it can be work? Even when you try, it will fail for sure, because of your negative self-talk. 

How dare you talk to yourself that you are stupid? Really, HOW DARE YOU?

If a random person will say that you are stupid, you will be angry, right? And you will think ‘How he dare to say like this to me!?’. Actually, this random person has the right to say like this, because you allow him. How? Your self-talk shows how confident in real life you are. 

Supportive and positive self-talk has extremely big power, but most people don’t appreciate it as much as they should. A confident person knows very well, how important it is. 

✦A confident person doesn’t seek outside validation✦

Confidence is not the people around you who praise you. Actually, you can’t depend on others to give you praise at all! You have to search for your value only inside of you. If people are compliment you, is easy to feel (not be) confident. It a nice feeling for the moment. But, people can change their minds in one second. Because you stopped agree with them, or you say no. Or because you behave differently, because of your past, etc. Outside validation of yourself is temporary and can make you in trouble. If people adore you, is nice. Is ok. But it can also be manipulated or they do it because they want something from you. 

The real confident person feels good with himself and knows self-value, no matter people opinion. You have to learn to feel good with yourself, without others praises.

✦A confident person focus on strengths✦

How is possible to be confident when you focus on everything that makes you small, rather than everything that elevates you? 

The human brain is amazing! But also have a dark side, and very often our thoughts are focusing on bad things. Literally, every person has some good and bad traits. Highlight your advantages and strengths. Use it to improve your life. Focus on developing your skills and talents rather than your weaknesses. If there is something you feel uncomfortable within, your character or appearance, work to change it instead of crying. A confident person does not allow their weaknesses to stop their actions. 

✦Not live in past✦

Confident people understand that they should let go of what was in the past and focus on what is now. Overanalyzing the past drains you of energy. In most of my articles, I said that the past is not needed now. You can’t change anything. You can’t back. No matter what you did or what was happened. Take a lesson, forgive yourself and move on. Real confidence is when your past can’t hold you back. We are humans, we make mistakes. 

Accept it and focus on today. Start thinking about what you can do now to improve your situation, rather than analyzing your past. Shift your energy to things that can help you now. A confident person, no matter what mistake they made, will keep going. No matter what happens around, no situation will break self-esteem.


Confident person are proactive. A proactive person takes responsibility for what is happening.

If you read ‘7 habits of highly effective people‘, you know that Stephen R. Covey wrote about being a proactive person. 

➤What is mean?

People who know their worth well know that their lives, in most cases, are the result of their own decisions. And they are enough brave to take all responsibility for it.

Whatever happens in their lives, good or bad, they are able to make various decisions and actions to make their lives better. When life goes well and steadily, most people are able to grow and perform. But when things go wrong, most people are in a panic or try to blame others or World. A confident person tries to solve the problem rather than crying. 

✦A confident person know exactly what you want✦

When you will ask a confident person what he would like to drink, and at the same time what his goals are, he will respond quickly and straightforward.

Confident people know exactly what they want. In the right now, in the one year, and in life in general. This is one of the first traits you can immediately notice when talking to a confident person.

Speaking out loud about what you want takes courage, but also strong self-esteem. They are assertive as well. Confident people value themselves the most and they are not scared to say directly what they expect or what they want from you. And is nothing bad. Is not selfish or arrogant behavior. Is self-respect.

It is the courage to put yourself first. It is an expression of great maturity. Such a person knows that he cannot allow the deterioration of his life or well-being to improve someone else’s.

Learn to don’t care about others opinions. Put yourself first and do what is good FOR YOU. Not for your parents, kids, or boss. Is very hard, yes that is true. 

But when you respect yourself and have strong boundaries, manipulators and people who want to use you, will away. This will happen only because saying what you want.

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✦They know they deserve for better life✦ 

A confident person will never feel the shame of high expectations of life. And they know, they deserve all the best things in life!

I observe, and sometimes I am also guilty of it, that we often forget that we REALLY live only once. 

Confidence is the courage to set big goals and go for it. Not only dreaming about luxurious life before sleeping and not taking action the next day. Let go of the belief that you don’t deserve something or that you can’t have something. 

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Of course, most of us don’t have the right circumstances, money, or friends and rich family. And yes, living by happy or luxurious life is not easy to achieve. If it will be, 99% of us might be our own yacht or perfect partner. Confident people work despite the bad circumstances or difficulties that they have. Because they know that as human beings, they deserve a dignified, happy, and comfortable life. But it not will happen overnight and without effort. If your circumstances are bad, do everything that is your power to change it for the right. 

When you born in a poor family you don’t have to be poor for the rest of your life. Be confident and love yourself. And because of this self-love, work for a better life, because you are worthy of it. 

✦Listen your intuition always and don’t have doubt of it✦

This is crucial. Confident people know very well the power of intuition. Listen to your body. Listen to your mind carefully. All thoughts and insights are valuable. It allows making better decisions and protecting yourself. I m sure you had at least one situation when you meet somebody the first time, and your whole body tries to keep from this person as much as is possible. It’s your intuition and your natural instincts that never go wrong. If you are confident, you trust it.

If any thoughts come to your mind, what you think, don’t ignore it. Your body and mind are trying to warn you or draw your attention to something important. Be aware

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Confident person
Confident person

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