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Luxury fashion is your dream? So make your dream come true with this article!

✦ What do you really want? ✦

Before luxury shopping, you should decide:

▷what you want,


▷and when.

If you don’t have millions on your account (yet ;), is good to make the right choice.

✦ Ask yourself these questions:

➤ What is my personal aesthetic?

➤ What my style is?

➤ Why do I want to buy luxury fashion?

➤ How much money do I need to save?

➤ What items do I want/need to buy? (eg. bag, coat, or a belt, etc.)

➤ What brands I do adore?

➤ What is my budget? How much money I can spend on one item?

➤ How I can do this?

➤ When I could afford to go shopping? (is good to have a deadline, because it will be a good motivation for you).

With these questions and answers, you can start making your ‘luxury plan’.

✦ Luxury fashion market research ✦


If you know what you want yet, you can start checking the market.

How to do this?

Let’s say that your dream is a The Kelly Bag from Hermès (this is also my dream!! ;)).

So the first thing you need to know is which model, color, metalware, and all details, you want. Is very important to exactly know what you want to buy. This all details can change the final price.

So for instance, your dream bag is in black color and in exotic leather (is just an example). This model can be more expensive than a regular The Kelly line. It means that you need to spend more money (and save more if you don’t have the whole amount).

Important pieces of information, right?

➤ Next – where you can buy it?

▷Only in a Hermès boutique?

▷Can you buy it online?

▷Could you buy this model only on the official Hermès site?

▷Maybe this model is also available on other websites? Do these stores have certified and original products? How to check it?

▷Or can you buy my dream bag in a second-hand store or in the outlet?

▷Does Hermès have any outlets at all? Are there any sales?

As you can see there are many things to check before. You may have to sign up for the waiting list because your dream cannot be bought right away. It could happen.

The luxury fashion market has its own rules.

With this, all information will be easy to buy at the right moment and right place.

✦ Luxury vintage stores & outlets ✦

There are many fantastic vintage shops with luxury fashion.

Is not only about better prices but also more sustainable shopping. There you can find models from limited collections that are no longer available.

This is a much easier way to buy luxury items rather than new ones. Prices are lower but are not mean that bags are ugly or destroy.

This is a list of few amazing sites, you should check it!:

The Real Real

Multiple Income Streams

In my opinion is the best way.

Multiple income streams allow you to buy luxury fashion but also will give you safety. You can buy luxury items when you have one salary from a regular job. Many people do this!

But with a few sources of income, you can build big savings. Of course, is not the fastest way to buy luxury fashion but working on this is it worth.

Financial stability should be your goal.

Actually is a more important than luxury fashion 😉

Start from small things, for example:


▷graphic design,

▷YouTube channel

▷or a blog,

There are many opportunities! Is up to your determination and creativity.

If you are curious about creating multiple sources of income, check this article:


✦ Shop smarter ✦

The luxury fashion market sometimes is crazy and overpriced.

I still remember Gucci was selling damaged tights for $ 190!

Don’t be a fashion victim. I trying to tell you that is better to invest in classic and timeless pieces.

And always remember – quality over quantity. So, if you planning buys your dream luxury bag, you have to stop going to a shopping mall or online shopping. If you will stop buying a lot of cheap things, your bank account will thank you.

You don’t need another fashionable plastic bag from Zara. Save this money for your dream. Be smart and shop smart.

Forget about loans

Now, we know that you are smart. And smart people NOT using loans.

You should avoid loans in every situation. But you MUST forget about it when you want to buy luxury fashion! Loans make you only in trouble. If you want a luxury lifestyle, work hard or save money.

If you have small savings is better to invest in education or start a small business rather than buying a luxury bag. When you working with your money, not only consuming, you always win.

This is a style of bosses 😉

Please, be smart My Dear.

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