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Own business


Own business. You can be your own boss, you can decide about everything! You depend only of yourself. Do you think about your own business? Do you want to wear the style of boss?

✦ Safe highway or Dakar Rally? ✦

Imagine that you drive by a safe highway. You know your direction, you have a GPS.

Around you are many road signs, restaurants, and gas stations. From time to time, someone annoys you with driving too slow/too fast or with poor skills.

But in general, you feel good and safe. Your road is stable, without much danger and adrenaline.

You are going to a gas station and there you meet the Dakar Rally driver.

You see how happy he is. And you asking him about racing. He tells you about adrenaline, fun, and the freedom he feels while driving.

Suddenly, you feel like you want to leave your safe highway and go to the Dakar Rally to feel happiness and freedom.

The driver you meet, tells you that you can try. If he can, why shouldn’t you try it? You know how to drive a car. It is nothing complicated.

You’re going with him to the desert. He gives you the keys to a big car and … leaves you alone. You turn on the car and start driving. The first few minutes are fun!

Wow, you are part of the Dakar Rally!

But wait a minute, do you know where are you driving?

You see other cars behind you. They overtake you, and one of them shoots you and damages the wheel. Your car stopped in the middle of the desert!
The sun is starting to set, you don’t have a spare wheel. But how is it not having a spare wheel?

It was supposed to be!

Why were they shooting at you? After all, the rally looks great on TV! So why did all these bad things happen to you?

You are alone now and have no choice. You have to deal with it. Quickly!

✦ Own business is like a Dakar Rally ✦

This story is unbelievable because no one will take you to the Dakar Rally from the street ;). But the own business is very similar.

You can observe your friends or powerful people like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, but till you do not try, you will be never sure how it looks like. No matter how good is your knowledge, experience, or education.

You will be never perfectly prepared to start your own business.


Because business is as unpredictable and dangerous as the Dakar Rally.

✦ Are you ready to be responsible for your life? ✦

When you working in your full-time job (which means driving a highway full of road signs), no matter what will happen, you will get your salary.

Your boss has to manage all things to earn money for yourself and for employees. You are part of earning this money because you work in a company, but the main responsibility and risk have your boss.

He or she has to put all effort to keep the business.

When you are an entrepreneur, whether you will have money depends only on you and your effort. You have to decide if you are really ready for this. For making own money, not waiting for salary.

Responsibility also means that during your full-time job you will be running your own business. Because you have to pay rent and buy food before you take money from your company.

You will have to work twice as much. Besides, that doesn’t guarantee success either. If you want to start a business, you must be responsible and serious.

✦ So should you quit your own business idea? ✦

Okay, so at first I scared you and now maybe you have doubts?

I did it because no one told me this before I started my first business.

I read many books about the economy or business planning. I was so motivated to be my own boss and I lost contact with the real world then.

I focused only on advantages, freedom, and big money. I didn’t pay attention to the risk, and the big responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Let’s be clear, I was young and stupid. No humble.

As result, my first company was a big fail.
I know that maybe you wanted to read a motivational speech about how to earn one million in one month, but I want to give you valuable content, not a fairytale. And that’s why I have a sense of mission to tell you about it.

Answering the question.

No, you shouldn’t give up the idea of ​​your own business. Just do it smarter than me 😉

✦ What is mean ‘smarter’? ✦

My experiences have taught me more than any course or book. So how do you start smart?

➤ Find a profitable idea and check it before!

Finding a business idea is not a problem.

Finding a good idea to earn money on – it’s could be a bit difficult. But it’s possible.

▷First, you need to analyze the market. Current situation and future. It takes time and could be not easy, but you can do it.

However, 2020 showed us that the future is unpredictable.

▷So remember always about plan B (and C, D, E…and Z.)

▷Get to know what people need, and give them it.

Test your product or service before you will start a business. This should be the first step! Not renting an office or a loan!

✦ Take a baby steps ✦

Trust me, you have time for building your business.

No matter how old are you and where you are now. Small, smart steps will give you amazing results. You don’t have to start with an invest millions right away.

You don’t have to show up.

Be consistent and disciplined first. Try and move on but without unnecessary risk. Over time, you will learn more about business and take bigger steps. But first, take your time and make the right and smart decisions.

✦ Nothing is more important than work ✦

Sounds bad? I think so.

But you can’t make a successful business with 50% or even 80% effort.

When you running your business there is nothing more important than work.

This is crucial at the beginning. You working hard now to have freedom in the future. Now you working at night, for your big apartment in the future. Now you working to build your company. If you will do this right, in the future your employees will be working and you will be on a vacation.

But before you will arrive in Dubai, you have to put in all your energy and time.

There are many books or articles about work-life balance. But remember, when you do break for a Netflix episode or party with friends, your competition still working. When you building own business you have to forget about balance. Only what you need is work.

And let’s be clear. I don’t mean working when you’re so sick, and you can’t hold a glass of water. Or when your family needs your help. These are extreme situations when your business is not the most important thing.

When you start a business, no one can force you to work. So when you skipping work, you don’t earn money and don’t grow.

In the first year (or years) your business is like a newborn.

It needs full attention and time. You can take a break for sleep because you need the energy to work. But forget about a break and watching TV or a Facebook scrolling. Maybe you think is horrible and cruel. And maybe it is.

If business were easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur.

Business requires sacrifice. If you don’t accept it, then don’t go into business.

✦ Before you start a business, start a self-discipline ✦

As I mentioned, if you are an entrepreneur, nobody can force you to work.

You can start a business with no money (yes, is no a joke), but you can’t start without self-discipline. Own business is freedom but also many hard and stressful things you have to do.

Your brain is smart and likes comfort. Working on own business is not comfortable. Your brain will be showing you many distractions to make you feel comfortable. You have to learn to be focused.

Of course, it could be your passion, but always will be something that you don’t want to do. Or your mood will be not good. Then you have to force yourself! It takes a lot of work and effort to learn this.

You also have to remember that just because you’re disciplined today doesn’t mean you will always be like that. Self-discipline is a constant struggle with yourself and works on yourself.

✦ Prioritize your time for the important things ✦

Sometimes you work hard, but it doesn’t make sense. Maybe because of putting your time in the wrong way.

For instance,

you need a website.

Instead of having someone create a professional website for your business, you spend your time learning how to create websites, even though your business is an aesthetic medicine clinic.

You’re making a website but it’s not of good quality, doesn’t look professional, and doesn’t work. Instead of looking for clients for your beauty treatments, you spend time on something that someone else could do faster and better.

You wanted to do it by yourself and save some money but then you actually losing money because you don’t have time for searching for clients.

No clients, no money.

You can’t be good at everything, and you don’t have to be. Put effort and time into important things. Then your business will grow faster.

✦ Never take advice from someone who isn’t where you want to be ✦

Doubts are normal when you thinking about starting your own business.

Sometimes is hard to handle it with this alone, so you searching for a mentor. You need advice or tips. But be careful who you asking.

There are many ‘experts’ on what you should do. Ask only the right people. Only someone who is an entrepreneur, or who has some experience in a business.

If you will ask your friend from work or family members who have zero knowledge about business, don’t be surprised when they give you ridiculous advice.

So never take advice from someone who isn’t where you want to be.

✦ Fall in love in a process ✦

Last but not least. The beginning can be difficult. Perhaps you will work a lot and you will not see the results.

Therefore, fall in love with the process. Look, you start from zero, like many entrepreneurs. Even big companies started where you are now.

From a first step.

It is beautiful that you want to build something new and your own. That one thought in your head creates your real business.

Start appreciating the little things. Enjoy every day of this process. Spot even little progress and reward yourself for it. I strongly believe that passion and self-confidence are one of the most important things in starting a business.

✦ So, Is it worth it to start? ✦

In my opinion – yes.

Besides all the negative points that I started with, there are a lot of wonderful things! If your intuition tells you that you should do it, trust it.

My first business was a fail. Was a very hard experience, I made many painful mistakes.

But it taught me how to deal with life, with money, and with problems. Made me stronger. When I ended up with it, I knew I will create something new more smartly.

And then it happened because I did not give up. Fails are normal, we are just humans.

But if you don’t stop trying, you will be where you want to be.

I believe in you Darling.

Own business
Own business
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