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How to prepare fall-winter wardrobe?


How to prepare a fall-winter wardrobe? The fall-winter season always requires reorganization of the wardrobe. How to do it? You will find some tips down below. 

How to prepare fall-winter wardrobe?
How to prepare a fall-winter wardrobe?

✦ Review previous season clothes ✦

The best way to start is by checking the summer wardrobe. Before the fall-winter season, you should review all summer clothes and accessories.


clean your summer clothes and accessories thoroughly. Especially after the holidays by the sea. If the sea salt stays on swimwear for several months, it cannot be removed.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as underwear and swimwear that are no longer suitable for wearing, must be given or thrown away. After the season, it’s easy to judge which items were used and which were not. What we do not wear is worth giving back, but only when the condition of the clothes is still good. It’s a big faux pas to give someone damaged or dirty things. If something is damaged, just throw it away.

Damaged shoes should be taken to the shoemaker. You can also use the help of a tailor with your destroyed clothes. This will allow you to use your summer items immediately next season. 

The fast fashion industry 

The fast fashion industry has accustomed customers to throwing away more clothes.

This hurts the environment around us. Poor-quality clothes should not find a place in the wardrobes of conscious and stylish customers.

That’s why it is so important to invest in high-quality clothes or accessories that will last for years. Made with care, of natural fabrics, garments are also worth repairing, as mentioned above. This will prevent the overproduction of waste, and will positively affect the style and wealth of your wallet.

High-quality is synonymous with elegance. 

✦ Prepare the place for the fall-winter wardrobe ✦

After you have fixed and washed your summer clothes, put them away.

For example,

on high shelves in a wardrobe to make room for fall-winter clothes. Put your summer clothes in a separate wardrobe where they will wait for the next season.

Protect clothes, shoes, and accessories from dust.

If you don’t have a separate wardrobe, put your clothes in cotton bags. They let the air through and will not damage your clothes. Plastic containers are an alternative. But paper boxes are better for the environment than plastic ones. It is worth paying attention to this.

These are small changes, but they can have a huge impact on the future.

✦ Clean your wardrobe for the fall-winter season

Ventilate and wash an empty wardrobe.

You can use a fragrance sachet (ideally in combination with an insect repellent). Because of this, the clothes will be refreshed with a pleasant scent and additionally secured. Fragrance sachets are a small expense and will make a huge difference, especially in the wardrobe where you hang outerwear.

✦ When the wardrobe is clean, you can put in fall-winter garments

Before that, it is also worth doing a review of fall-winter items. You may need to fix your felted sweaters or other things.

Selecting a fall-winter wardrobe before the new season will also allow you to eliminate items that are damaged or no longer fit (e.g. the wrong size).

Do not keep the clothes with which you are planning (just planning 🙂) to lose weight or ‘maybe I will wear it one day‘. It is a waste of space and unnecessary frustration.

Wear the clothes that fit you and feel comfortable with them. Unless if you have too big items in your fall-winter wardrobe. If it is a classic wool coat, but after changing the silhouette to a more sporty one, it is already too wide, it is worth fitting it at the tailor.

Dear Gentlemen, if you are currently looking for a coat for fall or winter, the article:

‘Men overcoat? How to buy the perfect one?’.

▷Before you start wearing your outerwear, take them to the laundry or refresh them with a steam iron.

However, you have to be very careful with cashmere or merino wool. You can also ventilate garments, e.g. by hanging them on the terrace for several hours.

▷Reheel shoes and polish them. The shoe ozonation service will help you get rid of unpleasant odors and bacteria.

✦ Clever fall-winter wardrobe organization ✦

Organizing your fall-winter wardrobe is an important thing.

This will prevent your clothes or shoes.

For example,

sweaters should be folded on shelves or drawers. When you use the hangers, especially woolen ones, they will deform or stretch.

Polyester or acrylic sweaters will deform as well when hanged, but I am guessing, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, since you are reading the Style Of Boss blog, you do not have it in your fall-winter wardrobe 😉. I hope you always focus on quality, not quantity.

▷Appropriate hangers will prevent outerwear, jackets, or silk dresses from deforming. Wide hangers are best for coats, jackets, or leather jackets. By choosing wide hangers, things will not be deformed.

Velour hangers will work great with the rest of the elements. They do not catch clothes and nothing falls off. Wooden hangers look very elegant. But despite the varnished and smoothed surface, they can stick to the delicate fabrics, e.g. on a silk shirt.

▷Remember to use shoe trees, especially for boots. Clothes and accessories for the fall-winter season should be stored properly. This will allow them to be worn for years.

✦ Underwear in the fall-winter wardrobe ✦

Underwear for the fall-winter season should be gentle to the skin and made of fabrics that protect against the cold. A review of woollen tights and socks is essential.

Remove any leaky pairs so that you don’t have awkward surprises later. Underwear for the fall-winter season should be warmer and cover more. The thin lace is very stylish and beautiful, but on cold days, the most important is to protect your body and your health.

✦ Fall-winter wardrobe shopping list ✦

The final point is the fall-winter season shopping list. After wardrobe review, it turns out that you need a new coat or a few classic, warm sweaters. Listing the missing elements will facilitate the search.

If the wardrobe review and shopping list seem like a difficult task for you, ask a personal stylist for help. More about personal stylist service you can find in the articles:

‘Wardrobe makeover with a personal stylist.’

‘Personal stylist – why you should use this service.’

Good luck!

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